About us

TezzGam is a ride-sharing app which reinvents transportation industry for millions. Our mission is to make ride-sharing service affordable for everyone. Let’s build the future of transport together.

What we do

In addition to our constant work for the best service, we pursue the mission of positively impacting the population, making transportation cheaper, faster and safer for passengers, and day-to-day more profitable through technology.

Why do it

Safe enough for us to trust our own mothers, sisters, and daughters to use. So we implemented these measures:

  • We believe in service and TezzGam is result of this vision. At TezzGam our mission is to provide the safe, efficient, reliable and affordable door to door ride-sharing service for People.

Experience TezzGam

Sending the next available or closest vehicles doesn't always create an enjoyable experience. With TezzGam customer have the ability to choose the service they like. Picking the time, date, and vehicle type is just the beginning.

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Company Registration Number: 7992750


Office No 1, 5th floor, 75-D/1 Liberty heights, gulberg-111, Lahore Pakistan

Contact Office:

Email: asktezzgam@gmail.com